Raphael - D.B. Reynolds *****SPOILERS*****

Raphael is an old master Vampire (as in five centuries and counting old), acknowledged to be the most powerful one in America. When one of his vampires is kidnapped he will enlist Cyn's help in order to find her. Cyn is a PI, born and bred in the high society of Malibu, with a trust fund big enough to not need a work she works for the excitment so when Raphael offers her the job she accepts although she knows she will probably regret it.

"I could throw you down and have you right here, sweet Cyn, and you'd do nothing but scream for more. You are mine. My blood sings in your veins; it calls you to me even now."

Raphael is old, he has almost forgotten what it is to be human, what it means to be stalked so when the baddie makes an attempt to his "throne" he decides that it is time he took matters in his own hands. Of course the fact that he will be cooperating with a beautifel PI had nothing to do with it! I liked the fact that Reynolds didn't try to make Raphael into a loving, merciful hero. He is cruel, selfish and harsh(the guy is like a king...of course he would be).


Courage was standing your ground in spite of your fears, right? Only a fool wasn’t afraid when faced with imminent and violent death. She choked back a laugh, knowing once she started, she might never stop.

Cyn has been raised without love. Her mother left her as a child, her father and grandmother showered her in gifts but were never there for her. She has learned to hide her emotion, to close them around walls so they won't hurt. She is stubborn, independant and scared of what she has with Raphael. I liked the fac that she isn't groveling for Raphael but stil maintains a respect for his powers. With most badass heroines I usually wonder "how come the hero didn't kill them the first time around?", but Cyn knows not to push the Vampire too much.


My favorite secondary character in this book is Duncan. He is yummy, loyal to Raphael and he resists our heroines charm!:P

My least favorite character was Holy. Cyn's sister was an ungrateful, vain, whiny bitch. Yeap...That bad!

I look forward to see what will happen to our heroes. In the end of this book I was gapping like a fish (hadn't realized there is a second book on this couple). So...Off to the next!