On Demon Wings - Karina Halle Another book in the EIT series that in the end she left us with a huge...


Before I start I would like to say thanks to Max because the guy finally gave me another male to hate in the series, compared to him Dex is a ray of sunshine, so...



It's been three months since Perry last saw Dex and he broke her heart, now she tries to recover but her mind and body don't seem to agree. After a new major shock she finds herself losing time, doing things that she wouldn't normally do and worst of all is that she can't seem to remember them afterwards. Her parents seem to think that she is going crazy but luckily for her she knows that isn't true.

What happens to Perry is much more sinister. What haunts her this time isn't content with staying on the backround. It will demand her body, her mind, her whole life. But Perry isn't ready to give up without a fight.


Karina Halle brings one more monster out to play. This time Perry will have to fight not her inner demons, but actual living ones. Will she be strong enough?


In this book Perry will gain a precious ally in her sister but she will be betrayed by everyone else. The first man she let in her life after Dex broke her heart, the friends she made but more importantly her parents.

I couldn’t even trust my own parents anymore.

The most beautiful surprise in this book was Ada. This girl is a badass waiting to happen. She helps Perry, protects her and covers for her when most people would have made a run for it!

“You still with your floozy girlfriend?”
He gave her an incredulous look. “Obviously not.”
She smacked him on his arm. “Don’t look at me like I asked a stupid question. Because it not a stupid question at all, and you damn well know it.”
“So you broke up with her?”
“Yes,” he said sharply.
“Way to find your balls, man,” Ada congratulated him and sat back in her seat.”


Then we have Dex who makes an appearance at the end to save the day. I wouldn't believe it but I actually missed him. Is he still a jerk? Well yes, but he gives life to the story!

"I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell you how sorry I am. It doesn’t mean I won’t try, because you, Perry, you deserve a lifetime of servitude. Eons of groveling. Even then, I don’t think I can show enough, do enough to let you see."

And closing we have Pippa... Creepy Clown Lady seems to be one thing Dex and Perry have in common. She is there to help Perry when she needs her the most. In another world Pippa lives to see to Dex and Perry's safety as much as she can! I love CCL, I can't help it!

“You are in the Thin Veil, the Black Sunshine.”