Justice - Laurann Dohner The book was generally good. We have less action than the others but not so much less as to get boring. We see more of the romantic side.

My basic problem was that I didn't like Justice as much as I thought I would in the other books. I expected better from him and in most of the book he was a major ass. But luckily he made up for it in the end!xD

I liked Jessie much more than the other heroines because I love it when they are badasses. I really don't get why they are all "tiny", does the author have a problem with women over 5 feet 5?:/

I also liked the fact that the enemy this time wasn't the fanatics but some of the New Species because let's face it, they can't all be so good!

I want to read a story based on Breeze. I think she will make a fierce heroine! For that matter I would like one in general based on a Species woman.