Fury - Laurann Dohner I decided to read this book because I couldn't find something to click on me but turns out the book was actually good. It isn't the typical Paranormal Romance, if you ask me it should be considered more Science Fiction than Paranormal.

This isn't the run of the mill shapeshifter book. For one they don't change shape, except for growing teeth. They have animal and human instincts combined but they aren't the products of magic or gods going wild or even nature. This gives the book a more "real" feeling.

Ellie is a nurse working undercover in Mercile(a pharmaceutical company) to expose the illegal experiments conducted there. The doctors in Mercile have combined human and animal DNA to create more resistant test subjects for their drugs. 416 is one of the test subjects and Ellie has developed feelings for him. The last day she works for the company Ellie saves 416 from attempted rape and murder but in order for her to get out she has to frame him. 416 who has the same feelings for Ellie feels betrayed and wants revenge.

11 months later... The test subjects are free thanks to Ellie, they are moved to a secure facility where they can learn how to live outside their cages. 416 has taken the name Fury and is the second in command after their leader. Ellie and Fury meet again and it goes on from there.

Ellie is a typical romance heroine. She is kind of plain, a little innocent, loving, motherly but brave and smart all the same. You can't help liking her because although she is the woman next door she found the courage to work undercover and risk a painful death if she was discovered.


Fury is part human part canine. He has lived his entire life in a testing facility but now that he is free he is determined to learn how to live in the outside world. He is by nature an Alpha male without the arrogance and abusive ways that are usually seen in Erotica. With his animal insticts he just can't comprehend submissing to anyone. He is possesive, loyal and very protective of everything he considers his.


The story was interesting and kept you reading, it had it's funny moments when the ex-test subjects try to understand how things in the outside world and humans work, it had it's sad ones when you saw the abuse they had suffered and it had enough action not to get boring. The secondary characters are intriquing enough to make wanna read their books(especially Justice).

I will give it 4 stars, mostly because well...I don't like science fiction all that much, I prefer magic and knives to DNA mixings and guns. Will I read the next ones? Probably.

If you don't like Alpha males, abused heroes and erotica this isn't the book for you. If you like the above give it a try!;)