Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews This book was just awesome and of course once again it's morning and I have yet to sleep.

Kate, Derek, Jim and his crew get involved in an illegal gladiator tournament against the orders of Curran who has banned the shifters from taking part in it. Of course all hell breaks lose pretty soon.

So the juicy stuff:

1)Derek gets beaten into a pulp and he waves his pretty face goodbye!(That's just wrong!)
2)Jim and his band of merrymen go behind Curran's back and endager being kicked out of the Pack but they have good reason.
3)Kate as always finds herself in the middle of everything and has to stand between rock(Curran) and a hard place(further involvement in the illegal "sport"). She goes into hiding with the other shifters. Of course at some point Curran finds out everything but after explanations are given and he doesn't kill anyone things start looking up.
4)Hindu baddies and the warlord of Roland(Daddy dearest) try to kill our heroes.(Nothing new there)
5)The romace between Kate and Curran escalates with Curran getting bolder and Kate trying to pretend she doesn't like it...Yeah right!(Steamy hot tub scene)
6)Kate becomes more powerful by the day and some of her secrets are starting to bite her in the ass.

No need to say that this series keeps getting better and better. I like the fact that IA doesn't try to give length to the books by writing page after page of useless stuff. The stories are fast paced and full of action. No emotional turmoils, no lengthy interior monologues.

Of to the next one!!!