Darkhouse - Karina Halle This book was good. An odd mix of YA romance with Paranormal and Horror, it grabbed you by the hair and didn't let go until the end. Especially the second half was keeping you reading like there was no tomorrow.

Perry is a 22 year old girl with an advertising degree who doesn't know what she wants to do in her life. Since she was a little girl "weird" stuff seem to happen to her and now they are back. She starts having nightmares that leave her more tired in the morning than the moment she went to bed. Then they go for the weekend to her uncle's house. At the end of her uncle's property is the Lighthouse. Rumored to be haunted and downright creepy, it always had Perry's curiosity spiking so one night she goes exploring not exactly expecting to find something. In the lighthouse she meets Dex who is there to film "ghost activity", and something else...Perry and Dex will return to the lighthouse to film a video for a website.What lives in the lighthouse? And who is the old lady Perry keeps seeing?

The positives of this book

1)Perry is a very relatable heroine. She is 22 years old, with a job she hates but can't afford to lose and dreams for something more exciting in her life. She has had a pretty hard childhood not because she had bad parents but because weird things happened to her. She is snarky, smart, a little insecure and wants to make her parents proud. She could be any girl down the road(except for the ghosts part and the fact that she is slightly crazy).
2)Dex is mysterious and brooding and a little crazy(ok maybe a lot). He is ten years older than Perry at times you feel like he is a little child, I got the feeling that he was a little immature for his age but this didn't destroy the image of him. Generally he is perfect to be the hero of this book.
3)The mystery is captivating. The scary parts were bone-cheeling and for the first time in years I had problems staying in the dark.

The negatives

1)The most negative thing in my opinion is the puppy love-crush Perry develops for Dex ten minutes after she lays eyes on him. I always prefer to see the development of the romance in a bigger time span. It gave the book too much of a YA feel. She behaved like a 14 year old with her first love.
2)The cussing was out of place. Dex used the word fuck-fucking every second sentence but it gave you a "fake" feeling. A person who cusses would use other words too. It felt a little like a child doing a bad immitation of the parent.
3)I wanted more scary parts. I think the Lighthouse story ended a little suddenly.

My favorite character in this book was the Creepy Clown Lady. I loved her. The crazy smile, crazy clothes, cryptic words. What's not to love?