Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews I really really thought of giving this book a lower rating. You may ask why, is this book bad? Not at all, it's actually pretty awesome. Is it not well written? Nope, it's just as perfect as the others. So what is my problem? One thing, only one thing kind of destroyed this book for me, the whole "Julie" part.

Let me elaborate. In my mind I have created an image for Kate, she is stubborn, loyal, courageous, smart, gutsy,..., and most important of all she doesn't let anyone decide for her, she doesn't follow orders, she doesn't abide to any authority. The image I have created for her just doesn't add up to a person who would take the decision she took for Julie in this book. The person in my mind wouldn't do this to someone else even to save their lives, she would find it some kind of rape. I felt like they told me for the first time Santa Claus is a myth. If she does an Anita Blake and start saying things like "it couldn't be helped" and "I couldn't do anything else" I will have to shoot something!


End of mental breakdown!

As for the rest of the book:

Things start going south for Kate when her PI office is hired to investigate the dissapearance of a scientist. Kate manages to find that the scientist was building a dangerous machine that could destroy Atlanta and everyone she loves and now it is in the hands of a group of fanatics who doesn't care for how many lives it will cost when activated. Kate and her friends have to stop them by any way they can.

What I liked in this book:

1) I mostly liked Kate and Curran as much as I did in the other books. Their relationship remains strong but not sappy and they don't suddenly go to the toilet together, they both have their jobs and lives and they both continue to be strong minded and independed so except for the part I mentioned before these two continue to be one of my favorite couples.
2)I liked Andrea again. I felt a little satisfied with what the Order did to her, petty I know but I think of it as punishment and she is better off without them. I mostly enjoyed her "fight" with Aunt B. I really want them to fight and Andrea to be the budda Alpha.
3)I liked the story. The book didn't resolve many things in the main plot of the series (Daddy-Kate match) but it gave us enough information to keep us interested. The mystery with the lost scientist and the bad fanatics was good enough to keep you glued to the book and it was as always well written so no complaints there.
4)The secondary characters were as always interesting. I especially like Rowena, Ghastek and Evdokia.

As for the bad, the only black spot for me was Julie but honestly it was almost enough to make me want to close the book and save myself the dissapoinment.(almost)

Deffinitely looking forward for the next one and I really, really hope that Kate will find a solution to Julie's issue. The end of this book sparks your curiosity for what is to come next but we have to wait. *snif*


My favorite moments:

“Andrea raised her hand. “This is the hand that slapped Aunt B.”
“Maybe you should have it gold-plated.”
“Here, you can touch it, since you’re my best friend.”

“I know it's late, but could you find a book for me? It's called The Slavs: Study of Pagan Tradition by Osvintsev."
Barabas sighed dramatically. "Kate, you make me despair. Let's try that again from the top, except this time pretend you are an alpha."
"I don't need a lecture. I just need the book."
"Much better. Little more growl in the voice?"
"And we're there. Congratulations!”

And many more but I'm too bored to look for them.