Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison Can I just say, I regret not reading this book sooner sooooooo much! It had everything I like in a romance and everything I like in a fantasy book all wrapped up in a beautiful story much like a fairytale.

(Spoilers ahead guys!)


He is sexy, he is powerfull, he is so interesting that he never bores you or our heroine, he is ancient and it shows, not in wisdom as usual or the "I've seen it all-I'm miserable with the world-When will I at last die" kind of way which makes you want to open a vein or something but with the arrogance and dictatorial ways that come with age and power!
Oh and he is a powerfull dragon...I just loveee dragons! It doesn't hurt that he is hot in human form!
Dragos slipped in, his massive fighter’s body moving with liquid grace on quiet cat’s feet. He carried a leather pack on one shoulder. The black metal shackles were gone. Leather harness straps crossed his chest. The hilt of the battle-axe and what looked like a sword were strapped to his back. Knives in sheaths were laced on his forearms, and the sheath of another short sword was buckled at his waist and tied at his thigh.
Swooning over here! Very barbariany and medievaly I think I might dream of this in the near future!!!



I think it's the first time I liked the hero and the heroine both in a book so much! The girl is beautiful without the usual insecurities romance heroines have about their looks. She is smart, she is sassy with a tongue a mile long and an independant character that gives her much credit especially when she comes against such powerfull beings... Oh and she is a unicorn. How fairytaly is this?

The plot

Even the plot in this book isn't quite the run of the mill story although not completely original it has enough unique things in it that you don't know what's going to happen! The anxiety until we learn what the hell Pia was almost killed me!

The sentinels

Okey a lot of sexy males in one room I don't think this needs much adressing as to why it was In the positives! And the harpy? I just love hard-ass females. I can't help it! I think she is the one whose book I am most anxious to read!

I loved this book...LOVED it. I really hope the rest are just as good or on the same level on awesomeness!