Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews Yeap...Another one done just like that! Once again the book was in the "best" category full of action, mystery and romance. This series is one of a kind, every book leaves you panting for more.

Unknown disease spreading baddies have been starting brawls at bars in several cities and now they have reached their target. Atlanta and the Pack are about to meet 7 undead magic users controlled by Erra, an ancient Babylonian goddess of chaos and terror and biological aunt of our one and only Kate Daniels. Kate has to either defeat her aunt and risk exposing to the world her heritage or fly the city and let her friends stand alone.

This book like any other had it's good and it's bad moments.

The goodies
1) It had moments when you couldn't stop laughing your head off. Once or twice you couldn't stop grinning like an idiot several pages at a time.
2) Kate continues to be one of the best heroines I've come across. Loyal, stubborn, smart and with authority issues that land her in troubles all the time, yet she never learns! She doesn't whine, she doesn't break down, she isn't fond of girly stuff and she doesn't accept shit from anyone. What's not to love?
3) The "flirting" between Curran and Kate is beyond hilarius. The only think I can think that can rival it is the limps removal in [b:Lothaire|10790516|Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)|Kresley Cole||15702803] and this is hard to beat!
4) At last Kate admits the truth to her friends about her parentage and accepts that Curran is her mate.
5) Erra is one of the best villains I've ever come across. She is completely without remorse or conscience. She can sit down and drink tea with you now and kill you the moment the cookies run out. She was by far one of my favorite characters in this book. But of course Kate isn't about to run like a mouse.

The baddies
Really there aren't so many here. At some point I wanted to slap Andrea, although I generally like her she kind of let me down in this book. And the second is Saiman. Saiman too I kind of liked in the previous books but in this one I just wanted him away!

In general the book was as awesome as the previous ones and then some! Congratulations to IA for one more masterpiece!:)