The Vampire Queen's Servant - Joey W. Hill I am in a bit of a dilemma in how to rate this book! Yes it was suprisingly well written and yes the whole "woman-dom, man-sub" was something we don't see often but I think my problem is that BDSM doesn't really do it for me no matter who gets to play dom and sub. But I knew that before opening the book, what bugs me is that I feel as if nothing was really resolved in this book and yes the next one is the rest of the story but I would like a more satisfying end to this one.

Spoilers are bound to follow

The books main theme is sex so I won't even go there because there are a dozen sex scenes and yes at one point I got bored of them going at it like bunnies but again it was something I knew was there before I opened the book.

Now about the heroine. I really don't know if I liked Lyssa. I think if we compare her to the usual romance she would be the "Alpha-tortured-slightly-sadistic male" but here we get the package with boobs! Yes I get that in her culture servants have to learn the hard way that they are slightly higher that slaves but I really wanted to slap some sense into her at some points!

And then the hero! I really, really liked Jacob. He isn't the typical Alpha male. Yes he is Alpha but he is also willing to bend in order to get Lyssa even if he isn't going to let her break him. Of course I know that I a big hypocrite because if a female heroine put up with all the crap that Lyssa puts Jacob through I would call her an idiot but it is because usually the heroine would be all "I know this isn't him", "I know he is wounded", "he will change because I such a do-gooder that he will want to be a better person" and all that. Not Jacob. Jacob knows that this is how Lyssa is and if he loves her he will have to put up with her culture and ideas. I really liked that and the fact that although he bends to her will he never becomes a mat for her to step on at her every whim!


As for the plot, I believe that there are some very interesting points, it is quite intriquing to see how Lyssa will overcome her sickness and how the whole reincarnation thing will play out(if it does) and I really really want to see Carnal eating dirt because let's face it, this guy is a major jerk! I guess I will have to read the next books. I only wish the book wasn't so overwhelmingly full of sex so the other parts would evolve more clearly.

So I will give 3 stars mainly because it is well-written and because Jacob is awesome but I don't think I can give it more.