Play With Me - Piper Shelly, Anna Katmore This book was like a chocolate snack between two main meals-short,fast and yummy!

Liz is about to be 17 and she has never kissed a boy because she is in love with her best friend Tony who has a passion for soccer and is suddenly interested in another soccer girl! Liz is determined that Tony and her are meant to be together and in order to win him over she signs in the tryouts for the soccer team. Team captain Ryan Hunter takes it on him to teach Liz soccer and everything else if she only takes her eyes from Tony.

Liz at the beginning of he book seems a little naive and childish with her "Liz+Tony=LFE" ideas but she gets over it.
Now I know I've said I don't like triangles but this book was fast and without the usual pathetic "oh, I love them both", "oh, I don't want to hurt them", "oh, I'm a little slut and have two bfs", so that at the end I really had no problem with it.

Of course the book didn't exactly have a plot to brag about and it wasn't all that original so you may ask why the 4 stars. It was the fact that I had a good time reading it and I believe that this is the goal of such books, not heavy thinking, not emotional turmoil, just something pleasant to read and forget.

Btw I loved Ryan(sexy,easy-going,considerate) and absolutely hated Tony(ignorant,idiot,pathetic). Okey maybe I am a little partial but you get what I mean!;)