Lady Be Good - Susan Elizabeth Phillips To be honest I didn't begin the book with high expectations because when I tried to read Fancy Pants I kind of got bored with all the old tales and I haven't finished it yet but this book was a beautiful surprise just like all of the others I have read from Susan Elizabeth Phillips! I have to admit that I am a great fun although usually I only read books from this century and this goes a long way to show just how much I love them!

What made this book irresistible:

1) Kenny! I have read hundreds of books and I have seen heroes described with positive and negative comments but I can honestly say that I have never read about a "lazy" romance hero! It was such a sock that I couldn't wait to see what he would be transformed to by the end of the book. I have to admit that he remained lazy but not at such a maddening level! Cocky, selfish, difficult but with inner vulnerabilities Kenny proved again that Phillips has a talent with spinning tales to explain the bad and bring forward the good!

2) A sex scene! Lately sex scenes have lost their interest to me, you can only read so many before it becomes old and I usualy kind of skip them but in this book the first time the heroes slept together made about the most hilarious sex scene I have read probably ever!

3) The humor! Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a talent in combining the dramatic with good humor and scenes that leave you rolling on the floor with laughter! The heroes although usualy with inner insecurities and demons never lose their sense of humor and this book was no exception.

Been there done that

Although all the books have something new to offer it is kind of true the fact that the plot is usualy the same in the books. Yes there is always something new in the books to make them stand out but we have some patterns that are kind of repetitive "childhood traumas, cocky hero, insecure heroine" but luckily for us Phillips knows how to twist everything so we never get bored!

The black spot

Only one thing kind of messed with my overall love for this book but it was not enough to take a star out of it! At some points the dialogs between the leading couple got so out of hand that I couldn't keep up no matter how many times I reread the scene. Yes it was funny watching them disagree about everything but at some points it grew too stretched!