Evernight - Claudia Gray Damn but I hated this series...I found it completely ridiculous! I couldn't even finish the second book! For god's sake the plot is boring, the characters idiotic and the heroine...Don't even get me started!
Bianca is actually a baby and I don't mean the fact that she is 16 I mean that she is a naive, whiny, scared little girl who makes one bad decision after another!
We also have the "admirers". 1st Lucas...Lucas thinks himself a protector! Oh he is gorgeous! My cousin is gorgeous too that does not a hero make!A teenager with brainwash as ignorant as he is boring!
The we have bachelor No 2 "Balthazar". The guy is some ages old and he still wants a teenage girl with insecurity problems!
The fact that in the second book both of them run from friends and family in order to be together instead of standing their ground kind of tells us what kind of personalities we are reading about! Sure all heroes can't be perfect but these ones are as far from it as they come!