Lothaire - Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark is one of my favourite book series. Every book is better than the previous one and I loved them all but Lothaire is in my humble opinion the best of them!
What I loved:
1) Lothaire. Lothaire is deffinitely not the typical romance hero, he is a calculating, cold SOB who wouldn't know what love, loyalty, friendship, morals is if it bit him in the ass! But Kole manages to turn him in to a hero... Sure he never becomes the typical hero of romance stories but he gives us another side of him which helps understand how he ended up as he did. What I really like is his witty commends and the fact that although he falls in love he doesn't lose his sinister side and turn into a marshmallow just for a girl.
2) Saroya. I know WTF! But the fact is that Saroya is the perfect goddess! Arrogant, vain with a mean streak a mile long. With other words exactly how a powerful being is most likely to be!
3) Thad. Yes Thad is one of my favorite things in this book. The boy manages to hold on to his naivety dispite what he was put through and the world he has been thrown in.
4) Nix. I LOVE Nix. I really can't wait for her book and the fact that this book shows some more of her personality is deffinitely one of the big pluses(I don't know if this is even a word)!
5) The limps removal! Kind of psycho of me I admit but the head-heart-finger removal were some of the best things in this book!

Now... Neither hot nor cold:
1) Ellie Peirce: The female lead character in this book is our typical romance heroine. She is brave, loyal, with moral standrards, smart and beautiful. Yes I didn't dislike her but it is the usual type of girl bad boys fall for so she doesn't get to be in the positives!
2) Plot: I liked the plot, there was nothing wrong with the whole idea except that it was a little slow, deffinitely not enough to become boring but not awesome either!

Negatives I can't really recall, I'm sure there were some but not enough to make a bad impression! So overall a really enjoyed book from a really good author!