Dizzy - Nyrae Dawn,  Jolene Perry Yeah yeah I know...another sappy romance for me but I LOVE THEM!!!
So we have this awesome guy...He is smart, he is gorgeous and he knows it! Maybe one of the most arrogant heroes I've come across in these kind of books but he pulls it off without coming out as a jerk! He has looks, he has money, he has brains so what is there not for our heroine to like? Sure he has a commitment-fobia but so do half the guys out there! Our heroine is smart, confident and hot! So we so totally get what they see in to each other! Now I really didn't like James but ok he is the ex we are not supposed to like him better than the hero! It is just that I believe that a girl with the brains and confidence of Ziah sould have done better even in a "safe" match!
I didn't really "like" or "dislike" Lora and Alyssa..Lora is standard romance heroine(sweet, smart good-looking) but she is also the too sappy kind I usually avoid. Alyssa was a bitch! If you make a mistake and screw your best friend over you come out and say it! Of course we have to have a story so ok I relent!
Very nice book! Deffinitely worth my time. I kind of laughed in a scene or two(very important in a book).