Starkissed - Brynna Gabrielson So yeah ok...Maybe in the biggest picture this book souldn't exactly be getting 5 stars but I go with the feeling each book leaves and this particular was quite satisfying! Sure the story was nothing original and the heroes were the regular "cute but underestimated" girl and the "fabulous yet adorable" guy but hey, there is a reason they are so widly used -"It actually works!"-.
I have to admit that I was kind of dissapointed that Caroline didn't get her happy ending but god did I love the closing of the book...I had a total fit of giggles over the "Jonas brother" thingy!
I know I am kind of old for teen romances but hey...who cares!
I look forward to reading something more from the author..The only thing that I didn't really enjoy in the book was the "first person-present tense" style but it realy never worked for me and it is deffinitely not a fault so I strongly recommend the book for people who want something light and adorable!