The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionare, #3) - Jennifer Probst I have to admit that although I liked all three books this one was by far the best!
The whole public declafration of love in the end of the other books kind of kills the romance for me. I know most women would think me nuts but I think that this is a private moment...You souldn't have to shout to be believed!
I also liked the heroin in this book most! The combination of innosense and sexuality always intrigues me and I like the fact that she seems to be growing through the book! This is the other aspect of the books that I liked, the fact that the heroes mature into their feelings not see each other and "boom-it's love", this always manages to give a book a fairytale feeling, nice to read but out of this world. All in all I very much enjoyed this series and look forward to more.