Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare Well this one is giving me hell with the rating. I mean it...HELL.

I have to admit this book is sooo not my cup of tea, I knew it going in but the whole "ugly duckling" deal had me too curious to pass up reading it.

Starting the book I was just curious, then I met the characters and although I didn't exactly fall in love with them, I did find myself interested in knowing more.


The story is about Ori and Raynard.

Ori is an Avian shofter who hasn't fully developed yet. Due to the fact that he was raised among human foster families they are not sure exactly what kind of "bird" he'll shift into but everything seems to show towards "Duck".

My first thought reading this was...


Not exactly sexy if I do say so myself!

Since Ducks are the lowest of the low among Avian, Ori has been treated like shit by everyone since he learned he was a shifter. Submissive by nature he has been thoroughly abused by other shifters in his "nest" where he works as a servant. And then one day Raynard takes an interest in him...

Raynard is a Hawk shifter, who are aparrently at the top of the food chain among the Avians. Fully dominant and powerful Raynard takes Ori as his personal servant and then as his personal submissive(at which point it kind of lost me since I really couldn't exactly see much of a difference except that being a submissive was more like being a slave). Despite all that I didn't dislike Raynard because his respect and protective instincts towards Ori bever wavered, which is sth that can't exactly be said about most Shifter books.


About the story...

This book was Erotica so we have much male to male action, which admittedly I found hot. Since this was my first M/M book I know I will be reading more in the future.

The BDSM part wasn't sth I enjoyed. Every time I read the words "submissive" and "master" I thought about dropping it but my curiosity kept me going. I won't be taking any points out based on this simply because I knew it going in. I won't even pretend to understand the culture of BDSM so I won't be judging it.

The fairytalish stuff were kind of cute I have to admit. Beginning the story I wasn't exactly into it but after 40% of the book I got hooked.

I think a 3.5 is what I'll give it. I could probably go for a solid 4 but it wasn't exactly. I know I won't be reading this book again but the experience was nice!xD