Yvette's Haven - Tina Folsom *******SPOILERS*******

The 4th installment in the Scanguard Vampires series makes me once again believe that the author uses films and other books to get inspiration. Let me elaborate...

To begin with, we have our hero, his name Haven:


(Yeap...Gandy is always my go-to guy for dark haired-blue eyed heroes.)

After Haven watched his witch mother getting murdered and his sister kidnapped by a vampire he thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn't up for the job anymore and decided to go all Buffy on their asses. Growing up prejudiced and full of hatred he became a bounty hunter without any qualms about killing vampires left and right until he crossed paths with Yvette and suddenly he began thinking with his smaller head(witch for once proves wiser)!

Then we have our heroine, her name Yvette:


(Aha, a younger Angelina is deffinitely what the author must have had in mind.)

So Yvette is about 80 years old(human and vamp), she works at scanguards as a bodyguard and tries to pass for a tough cookie. She succeeds quite well in playing the "deadly playboy bunny" but she is all insecure and vulnerable inside. The moment she sets eyes on Haven she melts into a puddle. Well of course then he kidnaps her and her charge but who cares? The guy is hot after all.

The story...

One bad-evil witch kidnaps Haven's brother Wesley and in order to give him back she wants him to kidnap a young actress named Kimberly and bring her to her. Of course he has to kill the bodyguard first but after meeting Yvette he can't do it, so he kidnaps both of them. Later the witch betrays him and imprisons him along with all the others. They learn that Kimberly is Haven's and Wesley's sister and that together they form a threesome of witches supposed to be the most powerfull beings on earth called the Power of Three. Reminds you of something? Well it did remind me...




And then we have revelations and emotions and betrayals, you know the usual deal.

My problems with the book:

a) The heroine was pathetic. At first she was petty and jealous of every woman who could have a kid, then she would go on and on that she isn't a real woman because she couldn't have one and stuff like this. I wanted to slap some sense into her... If all the women out there who cannot have children thought like this we would have many more suicides! And then she didn't want a child because she wanted to be a mother but because she wanted a man to love her. "NEWS FLASH lady, if a man doesn't want you as you are, he doesn't deserve you." Okay...Enough rambling!:p

b) This time we didn't just have love at first sight. It was like love before even that, they confessed their undying love about a day after meeting. Come on people, a little more believable next time...

c) Once again the story was predictable and worn... It had little new to offer.

In general the book was pleasant enough, not impressive and not memorable, just something to pass the time. So 3.25 stars, maybe 3.5 at some points but I don't think that with the heroine it had I would give it a 4.


(The last gif is a bonus because I loved the show, especially when Piper blew stuff up.)