Zane's Redemption - Tina Folsom You know how in almost every series with immortal warriors out there there's one who is ready to go off the deap end? One who due to past torture or something tramautic has lost more of his humanity than others, in BDB it was Zsadist, in MB it was Tegan, in DH it was Zarek, etc. Well, that's what Zane is in this series, the wounded, sligtly feral one.

So, Zane...

Zane was just a little older than a teenager when he and his family were arrested and sent at a concentration camp. After surviving five years of torture in the hands of five mad scientists he escapes as a vampire and swears revenge for what was done to him but more impoortantly for what was done to his little sister. 60 years later, Zane is a different man than he was before his captivity, more cruel, a little more sadistic, feral in many situations and a lose canon one time too many according to his boss Samson. As his last chance to get his shit together Zane's charged with a low risk and low stress job, all he has to do is keep a 21 year old "party girl" in check for a few weeks but everything isn't what it seems.

And Portia...

Portia is a hybrid(half human, half vampire) and about to reach her 21st birthday which will be the day she will stop growing. Six weeks before her birthday she learns that if at 21 she is still a virgin she will remain one forever, doomed to experience the pain of "first time" every time she has sex. What hurts worse is that her father knew this but he still made her promise to keep away from boys until after college. Now she has six weeks to lose her virginity but she doesn't want to lose it to anybody, she wants to lose it to Zane, the bodyguard her father hired to make sure no one would get near her. But when Portia tries to explain the situation to Zane he won't believe her at first... After all what father would condemn his daughter to such fate?

After that we have the usual, they fall in love and then we have revelations, betrayals, talks of who is worthy of whom and who isn't, the known deal. Zane turns out to have a soft side, Portia turns out to be exactly what he needed but in order to be with her Zane will have to let go of his past, etc.

The book wasn't all that original story-wise but it was well written and interesting enough to keep you glued to your seat. In my opinion it was the best so far in the series. I liked both heroes and although once again I couldn't see the relationship development due to the "lightning quick love" I enjoyed their romance well enough.

I think my biggest complaint about the series after the lack of originality is that because of the speed with which the characters fall in love I fail to see the connection between the heroes. I know that this is supposed to show that it is "fate" but I don't find it satisfying enough.

So, 4 stars, maybe 4,5 at some points and fingers crossed for Quinn's book!