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Sins & Needles - Karina Halle And it's your face I'm looking for on every street


What a book. I think the last time I had so many ups and downs with a book was reading EIT. Before anything else I have to admit that KH is a master at creating complicated and totally messed up characters. They wouldn' know perfect if it bit them in the ass.

It's also true that KH is a master at character development. I know it sounds easy sometimes but it's a very rare fact that you actually have development. We usually get change, meaning... At some point of the character's life he/she goes through something and comes out a different person. The change is usually instant, one minute the character is some way the next he/she is a new person. KH changes her characters little by little, you see them evolving, growing up, you notice the small changes from page to page. In the end you still have a new person but it's a gradual and slow process. Don't know if I make any sense...


If you ask me I'd say that she still is heartless, reckless, selfish and cruel. I still didn't like Ellie in this book, I liked her even less than I did in [b:On Every Street|17230557|On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5)|Karina Halle||23745831] if that was possible. The girls was a flaw s a whole. There were two lines in the book that sadly were absolutely true for Ellie IMO.

Young Camden: "You are a bad person Ellie."

Older Camden: "This always has to be about you doesn't it?"

Ellie is a bad person. Maybe it was her idiot excuse of parents, maybe it was what Travis did to her, maybe it was her time with Javier. It's easy to find excuses for what made her the person she is today, that still doesn't mean that this person is good. I've read a few reviews that say that Ellie has a good heart. To be she is a bitch. She has this self-righteous attitude, thinking that because she was fucked up by life as a kid she has the right to steal and scam her way through life because the universe owes her. Excuse me for not being impressed. If every abused child, everyone with child hood trauma, everyone with jerks for parents went out and started stealing and conning then we would never get out of our houses.

"I tried", Ellie said.
"You didn't try, you wanted the easy way out, didn't you know by now that there isn't an easy way out?"

Once again Camden said it exactly right. Ellie never did try to go straight. She tried one job application and them met Camden and saw the dollar signs again. After everything she'd done to him, after sleeping with him she still had it in her to try to rob him. She even still had the nerve to say that he was the one who broke her trust because he didn't let her get away with it.

And the LOL moment was... Ellie: "I lived my life by my own rules." I think I actually laughed when I read this. This girl lets her past, her scars, her parents, Javier and later Camden make all the rules for her. She lives in insecurity, denial and fear all the time and she believes that she lives by her rules. In this game everyone else made the rules, everyone but Ellie.

This isn't to say that she didn't have her moments and there by the end of the book she did one or two unselfish things that show that maybe, maybe by the end of the series Ellie will be someone I can like.


Camden, aw Camden. Now this guy... This guy was drool worthy. He had the looks and the brains. I have to admit that the brains won me over. His remarks were always to the heart of the issue. He saw right through the pretenses and the lies. He said the truth to Ellie, made her see her flaws. I have to admit that I was just the tiniest bit dissapointed when I learned that he was in trouble as well. I would have prefered it if he was honest and good tbh. Or maybe not. Sadly experience comes hand in hand with the loss of inocense most times. Anyhow, Camden is definitely my favorite character in the series so far. He didn't have the "ick" factor that made Javier creepy because he wasn't a bad person. He was a good person entangled in a bad situation. Now this one had all the rights to indignation but he still lived his life, tried to make the best of every day, found fun where he could. Sexy as hell.


The book was heart breaking and harsh. I probably would have cried my eyes out with the ending if I wasn't so drunk last night. It's not a beautiful book, it's full of messed up situations and even more messed up people but it is capturing. One thing is for sure, relatives in this book would be better of dead. One was a bigger idiot than the other. The story was fast paced and exciting, you literally couldn't resist reading and reading and reading some more.

Javier was his typical creepy, psychopathic self. Amazing this boy...


PS. I just hope that there won't be an indecisive Ellie in the next book trying to pick a boy although I know I probably won't get my wish.
On Every Street  - Karina Halle ***********SPOILERS***********

Where to begin with this one? This book was such an emotional mess that I don't know if I can describe my feelings over it.

I really, really tried to like Ellie. So damn much. But I couldn't. In the beginning I found her overly dramatic. Her need for revenge against Travis was unfounded in my opinion. The ones to blame for what Travis did to her were the uncaring, irresponsible idiots she called parents. They knew what Travis did for a living, they knew what he was capable of and they still send their only child, a baby, to steal from him. His behaviour was to be expected. You don't get to be the leader of a drug cartel by being a sweetheart. She lives her life believing she is damaged goods and thinking revenge will make her whole. This from a few scars on her leg. No, I'm not a bitch, I was touched by the child's suffering, nevertheless the woman should know better.

And after her misgivings that she could take on Travis and live she had to go and fall in love with her lies. She forgot all about her revenge and fell in love with Javier although it's obvious that he isn't in love with her. Javier was obsessed with the "pure and innocent" Eden, notice how I use the word obsessed? His "love" for her was sick, nothing healthy and natural. Still it wasn't even Ellie, it was Eden, the lie, the real Ellie was no innocent in anything except the bedroom. The real Ellie was jaded, a liar, a thief. Ellie turns a blind eye on all of Javier's faults(and trust me he had a lot) because he loves her when he doesn't even know her. I hate heroines who lie to themselves and make excuses for behaving idiotically. Ellie was a master at lying to others and even better at lying to herself.

Now Javier. God I loved Javier. He isn't a bad boy about to be redeemed, he isn't the anti-hero. He is the "bad guy", the nightmare in the closet. He is a psychopath, a murderer, a cheater. He is everything a hero would never be and I loved every minute of it. The truth is Ellie never fell in love with the real Javier either. She loved the image of him as "her man", someone whose life revolved around her and when she wasn't around he just drifted.

Javier was really interesting. I liked the fact that for once the bad guy knew he was bad and never tried to change. I liked his ruthless side. Would I ever fall in love with someone like that? Nope. Am I dreaming of doing him? Nope again. But he did make an interesting character to read about.

The strange thing is that I never thought that he would cheat on her. Usually obsessed people don't want someone else, the cling to the person of their obsessions. It was good because it finally gave Ellie the decision to leave him but I still thought that it shouldn't be there. And that's another point, she has seen him murdering 5 people. Not one in the heat of the moment but 5 and stays with him but the moment he cheats she is out. The girl has to set her priorities right.
If you haven't read the book don't read the spoiler.

The story was interesting enough and this combined with how hooked I was with Javier kept the book afloat or else Ellie would have sank it right to the bottom. The fact that I know that Karina Halle has a way of developing her characters in ways that make you like them whether you wish to or not is the reason that I will be trying the rest of the series(ok, this and the fact that I want to read about Camden and see what the hype is all about). I just hope that like Perry did in EIT, Ellie will be more mature in the next books.

It's possible that the book deserves a much better rating but I just can't give it more stars with a heroine like that. It's somewhere between a 2 and a 3

PS. Angel is my fav pet name so Javier takes points for this one too!
Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh So after I read this book for the millionth time I decided that it deserves a review.

Let me begin by saying THIS BOOK IS THE BEST EVER! This book and generally this series is a 10/5 stars! It isn't just one of my favorites. It is MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE!


This book is the start of an epic love between the Guild Hunter, Elena and the Archangel of New York, Raphael. Elena is hired by Rafael to find another archangel who has gone rogue and started killing humans without cause.

NS has created a world where angels and humans live together but it is obvious that angels hold the power.Angels are the creators of vampires. Every year a percentage of the humans applying gets immortality and a thirst for blood and in exhange they offer 100 years of service to the angels. Guild Hunters are like police for vamps. When vamps break their contracts a guild hunter is sent to catch or kill them.

Raphael is an archangel, one of the 10 in existence, a powerful being with little regard for humans. NS has created the most sexy hero out there in my opinion. Raphael isn't the typical "Alpha male", yes he is undeniably alpha but NS has emphasized the fact that Raphael isn't human. He doesn't think or act like a human being. He is at the top of the food chain and he knows it. Arrogant, powerful, cruel at times, inhuman always and hot as hell, Raphael has one weakness and her name is Elena.


Elena is a Guild Hunter. She is one of the few of them who are born with the ability to detect vampires by smell. She has suffered an awful childhood but she is a survivor. Now all her abilities will be tested since she has to work with a being completely out of her league. Elena is stubborn, strong, smart, courageous, she goes against a man she knows can kill her and never feel a minute of remorse and yet she doesn't back down. She has a mind of her own and doesn't let Raphael's domineering tendencies dictate her life.


This book is the beginning of an addiction. Everything from the setting to the story to the heroes to the secondary characters is unique and beautifully done. I recommend it without a moment hesitation.

“We are no longer even, Elena. You’re now in debt.”
“You can deduct it from my slow and painful death.”

“This was the kind of job that made legends out of hunters. Of course, to be a legend, you generally had to be dead.”

“I don’t want to lose my memories. Don’t make me forget. I would rather die as Elena, than live as a shadow.”

“He was trying to make me his bed buddy. I declined. He gave chase."
"How, exactly, did you 'decline' his offer?"
"By slitting his throat."

Untitled (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) - Cherise Sinclair Review will come later! I'm too bored right now...




To Command and Collar - Cherise Sinclair Since this book was actually my favorite in the series so far I will try to make this an actual review.

The book begins were the previous one left us with Raoul invited at a "mini" slave auction were there are only three "damaged" women and three buyers. Raoul goes to this auction with instructions from the FBI not to buy any woman so he will be invited to the larger auction later. But when Raoul spots Kim, Gabi's friend among the women he can't resist buying her. After that Kim is forced to play the slave role so the slavers won't suspect Raoul's cooperation with the feds to catch them.

Knowing this it's easy to understand that the book comes heavy with emotion. Kim is scarred inside and out by her time in captivity and Raoul is a Dom who sparks her worst fears as a PTSD case and her most secret desires as a sub.

Kim is a very strong woman(okay fictional woman). Although the idea of even pretending to be a slave wakes her worst nightmares she does the brave and honourable thing and does what it takes to free the other women. I don't thing there was a moment that I didn't like Kim. Most times there is an instant when you say "wish this wasn't here" but Kim didn't have one. She was brave and loving even after all the things she went through. She has a lot of fear which only emphasises her courage even more. Just the fact that she was brave enough to admit that even after all she went through she still craved someone to dominate her was enough to earn my respect.

Raoul was very different than I thought he'd be from reading the previous books. I thought he'd be more easy-going and less demanding than the other masters but that wasn't the case. Raoul liked the rules to be clear. He knew what he wanted and went for it even when he had to sacrifice things to get it. He has the usual traits we've seen in the Dom's in the series, protectiveness, determination, affection for those who needed it and a mean punch for those who deserved it. He also came with some emotional baggage from previous failed relationships.

The book was awesome. My favourite in the series so far. It has emotional depth and you could actually see the bond forming between Raoul and Kim. It was obvious how Raoul stole Kim's hurt by caring for her and treating her as a person who didn't need just cuddling but a motivation to try harder too. He pushed her to expand her limits in both her day-to-day life and her love-life.

I have to admit that if I had gone through what Kim went I would probably be a quivering mess afterwards so I can't say how much of this I find believable enough. The fact that not only she moved on but she actually decided to become Raoul's "slave" males it kind of hard for me to believe it possible but since this is fiction I have to admit that the story was touching and tear-worthy.

I also liked how the whole D/s, M/s relationship was explained. I didn't realise during the previous books how many things were involved in this kind of relationship. It seemed kind of one-sided and brutal to me but seeing it through Kim's eyes changed my view. I still wouldn't want someone else to make the decisions for me but I can see the appeal to it.

The slavers were disturbing but that was expected. How can someone who sells people like they are animals not be?

Generally the book was beautiful with almost none "oh shit" moment and lots of hot sex scenes to keep even the worst perv satisfied and lots of emotional stuff to keep the romantics attention as well.

I can't wait for the rest of the series.
Untitled (Masters of the Shadowlands, #8) - Cherise Sinclair Please tell me that she'll get both agents!!!!!

Make Me, Sir - Cherise Sinclair Review....Later.
Lean on Me - Cherise Sinclair Aww...What to say about this book... Cullen. Oh, dear God Cullen. He is sooo my fav this far. I think I fell in love with a book character(again).

Here he is...


Reading about him in the previous books I expected a player, someone who would play hard to get due to "commitment phobia" and I was partly right. He was a player and he liked screwing around until a certain sub walked into his life. I like the fact that in this series the heroes aren't afraid to go after what they want.

If I was into BDSM for any reason it would be the fact that doms know what they want and get it. In theory and in books it seems great(I'm sure if I came across someone like this in real life I'd test how much damage my fist can cause). A pity really.



With an attitude equal to any Domme Andrea has a hard time finding the right top for her until she walks into Shadowlands and a very attractive trainer decides to take on the challenge. I both loved and disliked Andrea. I loved her humor and the way she didn't give up and disliked her insecurities concerning her background and family. I strongly believe that origins don't matter, just what a person does with himself or herself. It's rediculous to be ashamed of what other people do.

Generally the book was AWESOME. I like how the books gradually evolve and each gets to have a more interesting story. Yes, it's still erotica and has all kinds of sex scenes but the author gives us more. The story behind every person, a development in feelings, a more consistent ending.

I also loved the fact that Cullen didn't want to share Andrea. I enjoy the BDSM side in this series but I still can't stomach the fact that these people are willing to share their partners even with boundaries. I would be constantly green with jealousy if my bf even kissed someone else. I'll take territorial and jealous(in a certain extend) over this every day.
Breaking Free - Cherise Sinclair Too bored to write a review. The book was awesome. It also had some kind of a "story" unlike the other 2 books'

1)Dom Boy sees Sub Girl
2)Sub Girl sees Dom Boy
3)Dom Boy gets a hard on
4)Sub Girl gets wet panties
5)DB ties and beats/teases/sexes up SG
6)100 pages of kinky sex
7)The End.

This one had a few plot twists and a fuller romance. Z is still my fav although Cullen rises steadily for the title.
Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair Again the book didn't have much of a plot, just sex, a bit kinkier sex and sex again. Nevertheless, this book had all the positives the first one in the series had.

Master Dan


Hot, dark, thoughtful and a little tortured to make a good mix powerful Master Dan is a wet dream com true. Since the death of his wife he's been changing partners like socks until he meets Kari.



Kari is a school teacher and a closet sub and she is about to have her world rocked by a very sexy Dom. Again Kari was very likable. A bit self-conscious and raised by nun(literally) she is a bit worried of the world she is getting into but she can't seem to stop herself.

I didn't like the couple as much as Jessica and Z but I still coulsn't put the book down. BUT if you're looking for sth much more meaningful than some "exotic" sex this isn't the series for you.
Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands, #1) - Cherise Sinclair You should know before reading my review that BDSM isn't my thing. It is way out of my comfort zone and although I may believe that everyone has a right to get off however they want I still cringe every time S&M is mentioned. So, you probably realize what a surprise it was to me that I enjoyed this book so much. If it had more of a plot it would be a solid 5.


Master Z


Z was so damn hot. He had this overly protective personality combined with a bit of edge and danger that could keep any woman on her toes. He is smart, sexy, rich with some kind of mambo jumbo thrown in for good measure that helps him understand people perfectly AND he is a children psychologist in his day job. Now tell me who could resist? Jessice sure couldn't.



Jessica was a really lovable heroine. Intriguied by the new world she stumbled upon by accident she decides to learn her way through it and who better to teacher than the top Master himself. Jessica is a sub but only in bed. Walking around she is a hellcat with an attitude and a mouth to match.

I have read a few BDSM related books before and they left a bitter feeling but this one was totally different. The hero didn't try to supress the heroines personality. He liked her spirit and fire. Yes he took control in sexual situations and she obviously enjoyed it. The fact that there wasn't any hard-core S&M stuff helped a lot since I don't think I could possibly stand a scene with true violence.

One thing that I loved about the book was the safe sex. The coupke never went in unprotected and god, what a relief that was. I just can't stand uprotected sex. I can take it in PNR because there usually an explanation about it (immortal hero/heroine who can't procreate or catch a disease, etc) but I can't stand uprotected sex in contemporary romance with silly excuses like "I'm on the pill".

The second thing was that there was nowhere the "L" word. Another relief there. The heroes didn't begin picking wedding invitations and confess their feelings after two days of f***ing each other silly.

Generally the book was good and if there was some kind of plot lost in all the sex it would be a 5 but there wasn't one anywhere.
Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt This book was just so cute. It was light and fast paced. Nothing that stays with you for long but good when you want to spend some fun time.

What I liked in the book

1) The teenagers seemed like real teenagers. The guys were horny-dogs out to get into every pretty girl's panties. The girls were loud and cute. Not the usual sweet boy and shy girl. The hero had his sweet moments but didn't turn into an "eyes just for you" guy just because he fell in love. He still noticed other girls, still got turned on by some of them he just chose not to act on it. For me this is much more believable since, hello, tennagers, hormones. Even the girls were horny more than usual in YA although they didn't act on it as much. I think the heroine was a bit OCDed which I always found cute.

2) The way the book was written was kind of interesting. It was kind of like "present" , "past", "future" narrative. The story begins with a road trip to college but we have flashbacks that explain the story so far. It was well done.

3) The "my father-your mother" thing wasn't exactly original but it was nicely done.

What I didn't like about the book

1) Courtney father and Jordan mother. Were they idiots or what? Her father was an award winning ass and his mother was a total tool. I mean, you son catches you cheating on his father and you don't even try to explain yourself? Beg? Cry? SOMETHING! Meh...

2) Lloyd. I can't see what Courtney ever found in the sleazy guy. I didn't thing Jordan was the best catch but that's why I liked the book. No one is perfect, but Lloyd was so far from perfect that it was rediculous.

Generally speaking I had a good time reading this but I wouldn' recommend it to anyone looking for a story with "depth".
His at Night - Sherry Thomas I think I have to say a big "Thank you" to Aly for recommending this book to me. I have a feeling that I would become a historical addict if I let myself get more involved with them. This book was AWESOME. I didn't want to put it down for a moment.

The story was satidfying. It had a thrilling hero and a great heroine(sth that usually doesn't happen in historicals, at least not for me) and a side story just as great.

I loved both Vere and Ellie. They were both liars and manipulators but both had a good cause to keep them going. It was so fun seeing how Vere played at being an idiot when he was in fact quite inteligent and Ellie played the "agreeable little damsel" when she was in fact a courageous and opinionated woman who would go at any lengths to help those she loved. They were so good for each other.

I think Ellie's aunt was a coward. Instead of standing up for the young girl she let herself waste away and become a burden on Ellie. I know that the vilain was Ellie's uncle but IMO her aunt was just as responsible.

I liked Angelica's and Freddie's side story but I would have prefered it being a full book or even a novella so that we could enjoy them more.

The reason why this would be mostly a 4,5 for me instead of 5 is that I would have wanted some more of the book to be dedicated to them knowing each others "real self". It kind of seemes like they fell in love with the image in their heads.

Overall the book was quite enjoyable and will definitely take a place in my "favorites" self.
The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, #1) - Dana Marie Bell **********SPOILERS**********

This book is somewhere between a 2,5 and a 3 for me. Sadly, although the writing and the idea was surprisingly good, the book contained some the things I don't enjoy much in PNR.

1) Insta-love. Now this wasn't just insta-love, it was love at the speed of light. The hero said the "precious 3 words" to the heroine in HOURS. Not days, hours. I mean they did know each other in high school(years ago) but they weren't friends or an item so this meeting counts as the "first contact". I get the mating thing happens instantly, I can also understand the insta-lust thing(kind of) but I can't wrap my mind over the fact that he decided he loved her in 5 hours.

The more time he spent with her, the more she fascinated him. She amused him with her wit, aroused him with a glance, frustrated him with her avoidance, and forced him to deal with her in a way very few people could.

This after they've had about 2 conversations which couldn't have been more than 10 minutes each. It's kind of rediculus.

2) The heroine accepted everything way too easily. The hero marked her(turning her at the same moment) after just hours without asking her and then tells her he is a were-puma and she just accepts it. Like he told her he was a banker. Yes, a crush since highschool can help accepting just about anything but come on. AND he was so sure she would be moving in with him right then and there(which she did). There was no denial, no hysterics, nothing. I don't enjoy it when there's tones of drama but a little bit should be there.

What I did enjoy about this short story was the heroine and the writing. I would have liked a longer book so I can appreciate both better. The heroine was fun and quirky and I liked so much the fact that she took everything in good humor.

That's all. The rev is longer than the book!:P
Anna and the French Kiss   - Stephanie Perkins ********SPOILERISH********

Ohh...This was soooo sooooooooooo good. Everyone is definitely right to love this. Although I liked Anna a little bit less than Lola the story was just as great as [b:Lola and the Boy Next Door|9961796|Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2)|Stephanie Perkins||7149084]. Lovely characters, teenage angst(which didn't run in the "can't take more" territory" and a boy to die for.



I can so totally see Anna Paquin as Anna Oliphant. She has that sth. Sweet, beautiful with the gap between the teeth. I loved Anna in the beginning of the book and liked her for the rest. I think she was just a bit selfish at some points when she was worried over stupid things when Etienne obviously dealed with much greter issues but generally she was a good post-teenager heroine. Effortlesly believable and relatable.



I at once loved Etienne and thought of him as a little bit of an idiot. I mean yes, he did give all the signs that he wanted Anna but then he went back to his stupid girlfriend and messed everything back up. He was funny and sweet most of the time and I really can't exactly dislike him for his assholish times because he lived in so much stress and hurt from his family. I have a soft spot for bad childhoods. I can't help it.

The story was sweet and funny. Kind of predictable at most points but still entertaining. I so want a book on everyone in their group. Meredith should get this fab Italian guy and Rashmi a supper hot college boy. I already know from the blurb of the third book that Josh will end up with Isla which is definitely cool with me.


Such a pity I'll have to wait a whole year for the next book. People, pleaseeeee, publish faster.
Faking It - Cora Carmack Hmm...Once again I find myself in a dilemma. I know I enjoyed the book but I'm not sure whether to give it a good rating or a very good one. I think I liked this one more than [b:Losing It|16034964|Losing It (Losing It, #1)|Cora Carmack||21807237] so I will give it a 4,sth.

I have to say I love Cade. He appears so sweet and calm and then he does sth and you see the fire beneath the surface the fight scene was such a turn on. I liked him way more than Garrick and I actually wanted him to end up with Bliss in the previous book but I'm glad he found his own HEA because I liked Max more than Bliss as well.

Max was exciting. She was so different from Bliss that there was no comparison. Where Bliss was cute and sweet, Max was bold, filled with fire, except when it came to her family. In front of them she was in constant terror. Yeap, we have a tortured heroine but she fought her pain by embracing life and living on edge. I liked the fact that for once the heroine wasn't some innocent maiden.

Generally the story was nice but kind of predictable. Typical love story, bad girl falls for good boy and vice versa without much to add, but when a recipe works why change it?

PS. I can't wait for Kelsey's book but I also want a book on Milo and maybe Spencer?

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